Visit Seirei Asha Bhavan.  
Be a friend of Seirei Asha Bhavan by joining FOSA : "Friends of Seirei Asha"- is an action group, comprising dedicated volunteers, who meet regularly and plan activities and raise funds for the project.
  Sponsor a child / children.
  Offer job works to our vocational groups.
  Buy our greeting cards, Soft Toys, Candles etc. and get orders from your friends.
  Devote a few hours of your time to help at the centre.  
  Devote a few hours of your free time to help parents of the Mentally retarded children by becoming -a "Shared Care" Volunteer.

Bring any person known in your circle of friends and relatives who is mentally challenged and their families in contact with Seirei Asha Bhavan. We may be able to help them in some way or other

Celebrate your birthdays, wedding anniversary etc. with our children.
Donate generously to this noble cause of serving the mentally challenged. We do everything through the prayerful co-operation and contribution of people like you.
.Above all the challenged child need to be loved. Accept them without pity and a sincere desire to help. If you have any special talent or skill, see if you can use this to help a challenged child. In our crusade to better the lives of the mentally challenged children we are sure that you are with us.