SElREI ASHA BHAVAN is a non profit making registered Organization, and works for the total development of the persons with disabilities especially the mentally challenged people. We had a very simple beginning in 1989, but now we are able to give services to 122 challenged persons directly through our three centers. And give services indirectly to 74 persons with disabilities through our CBR program. Seirei Asha Bhavan is the realization of the dream of a group of dedicated people who have deeply felt the need for the care and welfare of the less fortunate members of our society. The humble beginning of Seirei Asha Bhavan started in a rented building near Punalur town with five mentally challenged children and two staff members with a view to create social awareness to accept the mentally challenged also as members of our society.
Our aim is to give enough education, training and rehabilitate them in their community with some income generating schemes or jobs. I am a former trainee of Japan Christian Social Work League and trained in the Seirei Group Institutions, Japan. Late Mr. Tamotsu Hasegawa Sensei, Late Rev. Larry Thompson, Rev. Akiie Ninomiya and many sincere and good social workers from the Seirei inspired me a lot and given me the real vision in social work. The Seirei Group supported us to buy the land and house for establishing the Seirei Asha Bhavan in 1991. We thankfully acknowledge their support in our work too. We are also privileged to accept students from Seirei Christopher University, Social Welfare Department, for the International Practicum.

In the state of Kerala, it is estimated that, About 8 lacks (800000) of people are there with Mental Retardation. But less than 25000 people are getting some kind of training, rehabilitation or social service. The other people must be reached out as soon as possible. We also aim at opening CBR projects in each village so that we can reach more people with disabilities and give them training and rehabilitation services.

Come, let us join our hands and hearts to help these Special People, to become one among ourselves and make them productive members of the society. We believe that and try to fulfill as said in Bible" I tell you the truth, what ever you did for one of the least of the brethren of mine you did for me". No help is small, Giving is caring, Caring is servicing, and Service is divinity. Participate in this noble humanitarian work. Share the joy of serving HIM.
It is true that all great things are achieved by great sacrifices only. With our past successes exemplified that we once again need to walk together hand in hand and have to revise our oath of dedication in the pursuit of helping our "Special People". Let us make them proud and confident to claim as the citizens of our Great Nation.