Our aim is to work for the welfare and betterment of the Mentally challenged people as a whole , irrespective of caste, creed or community.
Seirei Asha Bhavan shall  strive to  achieve its aim through the following objectives.
  To identify the rehabilitation needs of persons with mental handicap at various stages of their life.
  To provide multi-disciplinary intervention facilities with systematic and qualified professional guidance.
  To provide medical help equipments for the mentally challenged.
  To provide help for the educational development of  mentally challenged persons.
  To develop service Models.  
  To provide legal help to mentally challenged for their various needs.
To enable persons with mental handicap to develop independence and social integration trough education, Training, employment, multi-disciplinary interventions and linkages with their various environment for optimal utilization of their residual capabilities.
To lobby with the State and Central Governments for issuing legislations for mentally challenged persons that will support them to advocate for themselves and to exercise human rights.
To build awareness on mental handicap.
To Protect The Human rights and dignity of persons with mental handicap.
To conduct seminars and medical camps to create awareness among the people and to teach them about the causes and prevention of mental disability.